This morning I had this Monday blues feeling. I was very tired and disoriented. Everything seemed to be difficult to do. I was slowed down on all the tasks. I was zoning in and out. It was long time ever since I felt like this. I guess, starting this blog spin and throw me this challenging day to share and how I overcame it. The best thing is if you get up few hours earlier, maybe this should be number one rule for this blog, this will give one more time to strategize and find a good method to get out of this state of the mind. You could implement your routine and seek some help from them. But, today I got up late, and rush out the door so no routine was done today.  Driving to work I listened to some inspiration talking this helped a bit to think out of the context of your world.

I usually have cans of Wild Sardine, Wild salmon, and tuna pile up. I grab a can wild Salmon with some white rice left over, cucumbers, tomato, and lime. At work in my drawer I have Balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil, among the steel cut coach oat meal and protein bars. Also I have the dried wall nut, almonds, cranberry, and other trail mix stuff. This always helps me for the quick snack so I will not bad unhealthy artificial process snack.

I mix the salmon with wasabi- mayonnaise and add a bit of balsamic vinegar, tea spoon of virgin olive oil, squeeze the green lime and added black pepper.  Mix them up. Then prepare cut cucumber and organic tomato cut them salt, pepper, olive oil, and squeezed fresh lime over it. You could use one lime for each if you like some kick.  I put cucumber-tomato salad in different bowl, and start eating the salmon with a toast. And it the middle of munch on that cucumber salad. This reminds me always of the old country. Something about the Persian cucumber it so healthy, magical, and taste great. It is really refreshing. So this breakfast kick my state into better calmer waters. Then, I hit a shot of coffee after. This made me feel a lot better.  Today was not crazy Monday. So I decided to do 5-10 minutes’ walk around our building to enjoy this beautiful day. When I started walking, I put some Brazilian jazz ,Bossa nova music, I love the rhythmic flamingo guitar and Bossa Nova chords. It gives you feeling of relaxation and I always feel I am sitting at some exotic tropical beach sipping on my favorite drink and enjoy the blue tropical water. When I came back at my desk I was feeling pretty chill-out and good. Then, first thing I did was planning my day so I will not wonder around.

The other thing I usually try to exercise during my lunch time, if I find the time. Today fortunately I got a chance to do this cycling class which really worked me hard. I am also trying to lose weight and I have been struggling with my weight for years. Ever since I am implementing or try to implement my daily routine this also has helped me for my weight lost as well.

Have a Magical empowering startup of morning