Finding most elegant way to be happy and enjoy this life. Mind is organic computer, is the most powerful complex organic instrument in existence, and guess what you have the possession of this most wondrous instrument. Let’s not waste this resource, let’s program our mind with most powerful empowering elegant program to enjoy this life and be happy. The program is our thoughts and perception of this world. Let’s instill right filters and perception to see this magical life and focus on positivity and eliminate all the thought viruses.

My passion is to discovery of all the intricacies of how this marvelous instrument works, and discover sets of filters (patterns) that processes this life so that it encourages rational thinking, right empower programming to use this instrument most efficiently, that results of right thinking which closely represents our reality and eliminates the dark side of delusional thinking and perceptions thus results happier life.

I am computer architect and programer, and I see lots of similarity between the way we think and the way we program computers to interpret data. Of course computers can’t think, but the way we program them and understand how they encode the information and process the visual, auditory, algorithm, with pattern recognition, neuron programing m and AI we begin seeing some meta patterns develops from these informational transformation.

When with our 5 senses we observer an event, we encode these events per senses, and the memory of this event is encoded by combination of visual, feelings, and the sounds. As in NLP, they call this VAK РVisual РAuditory РKinesthetic (touch Рfeeling)  and of course olfactory and gustatory (taste) so this piece of memory of the event is perhaps scatter all over your neuron network of your brain, and is encoded by all these elements wrapped in your feeling. Of course, you have sets of filter that transforms these information base on your belief system or as NLP map of the world. So the event gets transformed with your filters and part of these will be store in your memory. There is deletion, generalization, and distortion. These are not necessary bad, as your consciousness cannot process everything High Definition. It has limited capabilities to process these million senses messages per second, so it selectively base on those process mention it will chooses and puts it together. If this process is efficient it can be great help, and with right filters, you could process vast amount of information quickly and more accurate representation of reality. But if these filters, limited belief, are static then the more far away from reality information gets process. This is the reason behind delusional thinking, irrational thinking, and disturbing emotions.

I am working on methods to create update our perceptual filters to be more efficient thus makes our brain thinking more efficiently and more elegantly.

my email maanni at me dot com



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